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Rules and Important Items Reminder


To:                  340 Superior Residents

From:             Yvette Young, Property Manager                  

Re:                  Friendly Reminder/Important Items



In an effort to help maintain the safety and appearance of the common elements as well as adhere to the rules, Management reminds you of the following:


  1. Quiet hours in the building are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  2. If you are planning on having any work done in your unit please provide the management office with a copy of your contractor’s certificate of liability insurance prior to work beginning. 

·        Please note that in the additional insured should be:

340 Superior Condominium Association, Managing Agent and its Board of Directors.

340 West Superior Street

Chicago, IL 60654

·        A scope of work that is to be done is also required on the certificate.

·        Please review the Association’s Rules and Regulations prior to beginning any work for additional information and requirements.

  1. Please DO NOT leave any personal belongings in the hallways outside your unit or they will be promptly disposed of by the maintenance staff.
  2. Please clear your parking spaces of any debris or hazardous items.  Keeping the spaces clean and clear gives the garage a neater appearance, maximizes fire safety, and is also mandated by city code.
  3. Please use the freight elevator when transporting packages or using the luggage carts.  Use of the passenger elevators for this purpose is strictly prohibited.
  4. We ask that all pet owners refrain from allowing your pet to relieve themselves on the Building, as this leaves marks on the façade.
  5. Moving is permitted Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in 4 hour blocks.  If you are planning a move, please contact the management office to arrange a time and complete the proper paper work.


OWNERS WITH RENTERS: it is your responsibility to make sure your tenants are made aware of all the above items, as well as to provide them a copy of the 340 Superior Rules & Regulations.  You will be held liable for your renter’s actions and/or violations of any Building Rules and Regulations.  You must provide Management with the renter’s contact information and a copy of the CURRENT lease. Again that form is also available in the Management Office


Please feel free to email me at anytime with questions or concerns at:


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Contact Person: Young, Yvette

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